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We have been training with Karl as our personal trainer for 9 months now and are amazed with the results and the individual approach.
I have lost 12 kg and feel like I am in the shape of my life at 52 😎 - never to late to start!
My wife is a diabetic type 1 and both her overall fitness level/blood glucose results as well as other health markers improved dramatically.
Karl is very knowledgeable on all aspects of fitness and understands the importance of a good fitness nutrition plan.
Thanks a lot for pushing us to where you know we can and want to be.
Looking forward to the next 9 months

Thanks Karl

Vicky & Eric
10 Oct 2017


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Trip Advisor

"I knew from the website that Karl had the knowledge and skills to whip me into shape, but I had no idea whether I’d be able to physically do everything he asked, and whether he’d shout at me if I didn’t.  Therefore I expected a good result but was prepared to hate every minute of it. What I didn’t expect was the kind encouragement, the emphasis on finding the pace that was right for me, the great sense of humour, or the genuine feeling that Karl wanted you to succeed. I can’t recommend Karl highly enough, especially if you think laughing and lunging is just not possible".

Alison, London

"Training with Janina was great - she quickly assessed my level of fitness and then over the next few weeks continued to challenge and stretch me. Every session was different in some way to keep me interested. She was punctual, professional and while I might have moaned when things got tough somehow managed to get me through it. I would really recommend her to anyone and have already booked my next sessions on my return to Spain".


"World-class personal trainer Marbella......"I have never returned from a training session with Karl feeling worse than when I started! At my first meeting with Karl I said that I wanted to simply"tone up". I thought I was a fit and healthy 45 year old. Two sessions with Karl showed me how wrong I could be! With Karl's enthusiasm every training session has been a pleasure. Sometimes Karl has had to push and at other times pull, but he has changed my life. I am fitter, leaner and subsequently much healthier than six months ago. Due to my occupation as a dentist my back had always been a problem. With Karl's help and advice my posture has been corrected and my back strengthened. I am essentially a scientist. Karl has taught me with hard scientific facts the science behind nutrition, rest and exercise. Then he has held my hand every step of the way to implement and achieve my fitness regime for life".

Dr Raj Rao
Alhaurin Dental Centre

“On my recent trip to Spain I have found the ultimate Personal Trainer Marbella, Karl.  Karl’s knowledge of the science behind fitness and training, along with the thorough fitness test he carried out enabled him to provide me with at tailor made program.  The program achieved the exact goals I wanted, plus it gave me such and insight to my body and fitness level. Throughout every session Karl worked out along side me constantly encouraging me to help me maximize my time with him.  He crafted each session maintaining the same goals but because of the variety they never became boring or monotonous”.

Pippa Mitchell,

Hi Janina,
" It was great having a female trainer that I could feel comfortable with. Janina motivated me and helped me to get fit while I was on my holiday. With her fitness plan I found that my baby weight dropped off! I will now definitely keep up the fitness routine Janina has started for me and i will definitely be ringing her on my next holiday to Spain".


"I am 57 years old and have been training with Karl from personal training Marbella for the past 18 months.  When I first started with him, due to going through the menopause, I had lost all my self confidence, and although I was still going to the gym had very little motivation, and had very sore knees having had an operation on them a few months before.  Karl has put me back to my old self.  I've lost weight, I now run 3 kilometers with him and he makes my gym sessions very interesting and I really look forward to going three times a week and my knees are now in perfect working order.  My self confidence has completely returned and because of it I am now doing things that would never have attempted a few years ago such as abseiling, white water rafting, zorbing and sky diving (doing my second childhood thanks to him !).  I can't thank him enough for giving me my life back.  I love him !!!".

Karen Cleave

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