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Fat For Fuel My Story

Hello, I'm Karl the owner of CommandoFitness Personal Trainer Marbella and CrossFit Elviria. Early this year I signed up for my first triathlon, it's a Half Ironman distance in April 2018.

This event consists of 1.9km swim, 90km bike and ending with 21km run. There is currently in the media a lot of talk about keto's, ketogenic or low carb diets. I did a little research into this lifestyle and decided to see if its possible to race a half ironman using my own body FAT FOR FUEL. Well this is my story so far: I decided I would need 8 months to get ready for this event. So After returning from our annual cruise early September 2017 at 82kg in weight, I thought this would be a great time to start the base training phase. Without a plan I sat down and worked out a rough time in which I thought I could finish this race. The swim 38 minutes, bike from 3 hours 30-45 minutes and the run 1 hour 45 minutes, plus transitions. At this time I had no real training plan in place. I just thought I would start by cycling, swimming and *running when ever I had the chance. Also I set a few goals: 1st is not to swim in my wet suit until i reached *75kg or run before again hitting my target weight. Meaning I would have to drop 7kg in weight. My target was to be around 75kg by the end of October. 2nd is to sign up with Dave Scott 6 times Ironman Champion to write my program once I'm 18 weeks out. 3rd is to start following the ketogenic diet and become fat adapted within 5-6 week (Mid October).

4th is to race at 73kg or below. Follow me on my journey.................................

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