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Health Check, Mobility and Fitness Testing

Here is an example of CommandoFitness Personal Training Marbella Health Assessment.

The amount of fat in your body is far more important to your physical well being than your actual body weight.
Your bathroom scale won't tell you whether or not your body contains too much fat.
It is quite possible for a well-muscled individual to be classified as overweight based on standard height/weight
Charts. This could be as a result of his muscularity, since muscle is denser than fat. In reality, he or she could have a low level of fat with excellent body composition (the proportion of muscle to fat in the body).
Conversely, many people who weigh in at the ideal weight may have too much fat on their body, and too little muscle - in effect, a poor body composition. Therefore, it is important to have a true measurement of your body composition and to maintain a healthy and balanced body status.

-Body Fat % & Kg's
-Lean Muscle Mass % & Kg's
-Total Body Weight Kg's
-Total Body Water % & Ltrs
-Estimated Average (Kcal) Requirements
-Waist to Hip Ration

-Blood Pressure

-Resting Heart Rate

-Lung Function

We also have a mobility test and run a small fitness test to see your current level of fitness.

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