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Swim, Run & Bike

Have you been talked into a Multi Sport Challenge?

How do we end up getting involved in a multi sport challenge or endurance event?
Normally your family or friends inform you about a charity event or challenge which you agree to before thinking about it. 
Don't worry if you've already said YES.
Anyone can complete a 10km run, marathon, triathlon or swimming event with a little help. 
You can just train for a suitably long distance, add in some open water sessions, practice the bike to run transition to get the feeling of what it's like to go from from cycling to running - and you'll get through.

But do you just want to get through it or do you want to "Know" you can complete it comfortably or get the very best out of yourself?

That's where CommandoFitness Personal Trainer Marbella Endurance Training comes in. As a former Royal Marine's Commando I have a very good idea about endurance training and events. I can help find what you need in swimming, cycling, running and open water swimming to hit your target at any Multi-Sport, Triathlon, Ironman or Long Distance Endurance Event.
Together we can look at your training requires, current level of fitness, hours per week you have to train, your weakness and strengths and come up with a plan to smash your next event. 
For both beginners and advanced athletes.
Im a believer than more is not always best and train my clients at a higher intensity with lower volume. 
By increasing intensity and decreasing volume this allows the body to get more rest and helps reducing stress on the muscles and joints. Also it makes it easier to fit your training program into everyday life.

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